Moving to Bellevue

Located just east of Seattle across Lake Washington, Bellevue is a popular suburban community that has developed a strong city center and many community services and organizations. There are numerous highly desirable neighborhoods nearby, such as Medina, Clyde Hill, Yarrow Point, Hunts Point, Newport, Kirkland, Sammamish and Mercer Island. Bellevue real estate is very strong and varied, with an abundance of options for buyers ranging from economical condos and apartments to luxury waterfront homes.

Bellevue continues to be the largest Eastside city; and housing is varied and prices range from the high $200,000's to more than $2,000,000 with the average home price of $428,000. A discerning buyer can still get a good value here, but the past few years of price increases have made the lower price ranges more difficult to find.

Should you want to live in the Bellevue area, the extra money you will spend to do so is well worth it. Bellevue real estate has nearly anything a buyer could wish for: great shopping and restaurants, large living spaces and park-like settings, and nearness to work, recreation and what's happening in Seattle.

As a seller in Bellevue, you should be able to get a competitive price for their home in a reasonable time frame; especially if you are selling your home for less than $500,000. Higher priced homes may be slightly over supply right now. If your home is in the million dollar range, expect it to take longer to sell. However, if you have a combination of view and good location you should get your price.

Below are the three great areas of Bellevue with real estate price ranges for the month of October 2005:

West Bellevue: Median listing price in October was $1.4 million up to $1.5 million. This was due to older homes being sold for their lot value and larger new construction homes being built on them. Residential and condominium listings for October were down an estimated 21% with the average sale price up 5%; and closed sales were up an estimated 2%.

South Bellevue: A very competitive market place in October 2005 with median list price of $628,850 up to $754,970 due to new construction; however, inventory was down about 20%.

East Bellevue median list price last year was $439,975 up to $499,950. That price range included many remodeled and updated homes as well as water front properties. Residential and condominium inventory was down an estimated 28% in October 2005 with pending sales up almost 9%.

General Information

ZIP Codes: 98004, 98005, 98006, 98007, 98008

Approximate Location Boundaries: The Fifth largest city in the state, Bellevue is nestled between Lake Washington to the west and Lake Sammamish to the east.

Location Characteristics: Bellevue is considered the retail center of the area with one of the largest malls (Bellevue Square) on the West Coast as the center piece. Connected by two floating highway bridges traversing Lake Washington, Seattle is just a 15-minute drive west. Parks number 56 with 10 on the waterfront; and there are more than 40 walking and biking trails.