Moving to Everett

Between the rustic majesty of the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound to the West, and the Grand presence of the Cascade Mountain Range lies the hustling, bustling city of Everett, Washington. Originally developed by John D. Rockefeller to be the "New York City of the West", Everett maintains historic buildings and streets that pay homage to its famous founder. In perspective with this vision of culturally diverse and artistic city surrounded by sea, sky and mountains, Everett is a colorful modern town.

Everett's opportunities and quality of life have resulted in it being named an "All-American City"; and has contributed to Snohomish County being on of the fastest growing counties in the nation. As the county seat of Snohomish County, Everett is the financial and cultural hub of the region, continuously welcoming new families and individuals who choose Everett as their new hometown.

Nearing a population of 100,000, with a median age of thirty three years old, over one-third of Everett's locals are employed in the service industry. Almost thirty percent are in a professional career or management. The third largest employment sector is fairly evenly divided between administrative support and labor, with each sector employing about fifteen percent of working-age residents. Employment opportunities and the diversity of economic streams ensure plentiful jobs and a high quality of life for this community. Home to leading American corporations such as Boeing and Microsoft also bolsters the local economy creating a median household income within Everett that is above the national average.

Everett's spectacular natural beauty is an important aspect that draws individuals and families to settle here. From the waters of the Puget Sound to the rugged peaks of the Cascades and Olympic Peninsula, Everett typifies the remarkable beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Everett's central location allows for easy access to exciting outdoor activities throughout the year. Some also choose to take advantage of the nearness to other major cities with just a short drive into Seattle or a day trip across the international border into Vancouver, Canada. Still others enjoy the peaceful ferry ride to the San Juan Islands or the Olympic Peninsula. There is simply never a shortage of options to be found in Everett.